So here are my deeper thoughts behind what I do with Jürgen Liebedich.

In the show German life coach Jürgen Liebedich takes you on a comedic ride through his seven powerful principles to an uber awesome life.

I believe one of the most effective ways of delivering a transformational message is through humor. “Make it taste good” as co-founder and comedian Jim Carrey put it in his closing speech at GATE2. Since 09-09-09 I’ve been doing just that with my German life coach character Jürgen Liebedich. With this comedic character I mix spiritual teachings with a healthy dose of humor and just the right amount of naughtiness. Jürgen is a German guru that teaches by pointing ‘in the opposite direction’ as Jim Carrey also said, and showing the audience ‘what not to do’ but in the end you can’t help but love him and laugh a lot.

Jürgen Liebedich has undergone a transformational journey (life-death-life) which he shares in the show. In his case it’s a frightening encounter ‘death’ on a tropical Greek island and he comes back to ‘life’ or returns with the boon as Joseph Campbell put it. In this case it’s Jürgen’s amazing discovery of The Divine Teat. Obviously an analogy on achieving enlightenment.

My show is transformational comedy. I created it from a strong desire to mix spirituality, self-help and comedy because I wanted to share all the wonderful wisdom I’ve absorbed over the last ten years on my personal spiritual quest. And I strongly believe that meaningful messages do not have to be a bore. It can be fun, exiting, surprising and meaningful at the same time. To quote Michael B. Beckwith: “Humor on the path makes it what I call a blissipline as well as a discipline. Laugh a lot and sincerely because that is the pure sound of your soul. A sense of humor keeps us healthy and belongs in our spiritual practices. With humor we move in the direction of authentic happiness. So remember that it is never too late to begin and include a sense of humor in your practice especially about yourself.”

The audience will learn that meaningful messages don’t have to be a bore. That it can be a lot of fun exploring universal truths and that we can reach more people by making transformational entertainment fun! Here are some of the principles I present during the show : “Change Into Sexy Thoughts (instead of negative ones), Stillness Is Better Than Techno (how we stop the incessant stream of thoughts), What Do You WANT? (the importance of having strong dreams and aspirations), Courage Is Cool (how do we build it), Mantras Must Hurt (a little self inflicted pain never hurt anyone) and Spank Me If You See Me Eating Junk Food (a little butt pain never hurt anyone).

I want to be visible and put my version of transformational entertainment out to the world. I think humanity is ready for ‘spiritual comedy’, as it could be called, and what better way to do this than to interact and share with likeminded people like you.

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* Mike Meyers and Deepak Chopra article on spiritual comedy

The Divine Teat

Learn how to suck it!

and achieve uber happiness and success

with Life Coach Jürgen Liebedich

I just know that I want to help. In one word; "serve". 

I want to make the world a better place. 

I know Jürgen was subconsciously created to heal myself and my shit, so hopefully I'll inspire others in the process to do the same through my comedy. This is my way of channeling all the self-help books, seminars and wisdom I've been absorbing for the last decade. It's not a cynical view on the new age movement. I guess it's how I keep myself entertained while pursuing my own enlightenment. It's my own version of it. It's how it looks in my mind.


However, with my own experience regarding depression it fascinates me how our mind works. Why aren't we taught to control our thoughts from a young age? Or taught the power of thought and how it manifests physically in our lives? Why isn’t meditation part of the school curriculum?


These are some of the questions I'll be exploring over the years in my show - there's so much good stuff to put out there!



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