Thomas’ one person show “The Divine Teat – Learn How to Suck It!” is a spiritual comedy which premiered at the Fanatic Salon Theatre 09-09-09. It ran for six weeks at the Sidewalk Studio Theatre and got rave reviews on Goldstar. The show has been performed at IO West in Hollywood, and at The Working Stage Theatre. He got the idea for the character Jürgen Liebedich on 07-07-07 in Denmark, and promised himself that he would premiere the show in Los Angeles on 09-09-09, and he did. Since then he moved to Los Angeles, and experienced the amazing spiritual culture in California ... but he thought the humorous perspective was missing. He believes we have to be able to poke fun at ourselves in our search for enlightenment. There are many seekers these days that are too serious in his opinion. We need to lighten up. Have fun with it. See the comical elements in our spiritual search. So he created the life coach, Jürgen Liebedich, as a way to poke fun at our gurus, and teach genuine spiritual principles in a comedic context.

Thomas came to Los Angeles from the happiest place on earth; Denmark. He spent nine years modeling in Europe, and while living in Milan he did runway shows for Versace, Gianfranco Ferré, Romeo Gigli, worldwide campaigns and commercials for chewing gum, phones and jeans. While in Italy he worked with director Andrew Morahan who's directed videos for Michael Jackson, Elton John and Guns N’ Roses.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2008 Thomas has worked with Academy Award winning director John C. Joseph, got killed on the show Castle, played an Italian artist on Travel Channel, a rock star, Alex, on Spike TV, a creepy guy on Discovery Channel, and stared in a bunch of independent and short films. Among those, “Five Minutes Alone”, was awarded a special jury prize at the Mestre Film Fest in Italy.

Thomas also has a passion for music and traveling, which inspired him to become the lead singer in the rock band “Ploy”, and backpacking in more than fifteen different countries.

The Divine Teat

Learn how to suck it!

and achieve uber happiness and success

with Life Coach Jürgen Liebedich


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